How many notes are there on guitar

How Many Notes Are There On Guitar?

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There are only 12 notes you can play on the guitar. Then why are there so many frets on the guitar, shouldn`t there be over 100 different notes? The 12 notes repeat over and over just in different places on the fretboard, they repeat but the order of the notes are always the same. When the notes start over this is to play in a different octave. If you move down the fretboard then the notes get higher and we say were playing in a higher octave. If we move up the fretboard we are playing the 12 notes in a lower octave since the notes sound lower or darker.

If you have 6 strings on your guitar you have 6 notes if you play open strings. The regular tuning for guitars is E,A,D,G,B and e. These are 5 out of 12 notes you can play. Yes, there are still only 12 notes you can play.

What are the 12 notes on a guitar?

The 12 notes you can play on guitar are listed below. Note that these 12 notes repeat all over the fretboard. They just start over again in different octaves (same notes but lower or higher pitch)

1 23 45 678 910 1112

Below are the 12 notes shown from fret 0 to 12 (0 is open string)

If your guitar has 24 frets than this exact pattern would just repeat down the neck. So if you pretend that fret 13 was pictured below fret 12 than this would be the same as starting at fret number 2 since the 12th note is the same as fret 0 or the open E string. The next note would then be the same as fret 2 which is F#, then the 3rd fret G, then G# etc.

If you look at fret 0 and 12 you can see that they are both E notes. They are the same note but in different octaves. The E on fret 0 (open string) are darker than the E note on the 12th fret. Try for yourself and hear the difference. First, pick the open E string, then put your pointing finger on the 12th fret on the E string and see if you can hear that it`s the same note and that one is higher than the other.

If you look at the E string on the 2nd fret you can see F#/Gb. This means that the notes are either sharp or flat. To make it easy just think about it as sharp (#) if you are moving down the fretboard. For example if you move from F (1) down to 2, then this note would be a F# (F sharp). If we instead start on fret 3 which is a G and move up to fret 2, then this note would be a Gb (G flat). If you find this confusing then don`t worry. It will sink in with time.

How many combinations of notes are there on a guitar?

There are only 12 different combinations of notes you can play on the guitar. However, these notes repeat over and over. Here`s a picture of all the notes on a 24 fret guitar.

How do I learn guitar notes?

If you look at string 6 or the thickest E string you can see that it starts with fret 0 which is the open string or E note. Now, if you follow this string down to fret 12 you will see that this is also an E note. So fret 0 to 12 is one octave. Fret 0 to 12 are the exact same notes as fret 12 to 24. Check for yourself! If your guitar only has 21 frets then just mentally remove the 3 bottom rows.

Notice that string 6 and 1 are the exact same, the exact same notes. The difference is that the thickest string has a lower sound and the thinnest string has a higher sound.

If you go back to string 6 the thickest E string and count down to the 5th fret you should get to note A (remember that E is string 0 so you would have to count down 6 steps). If you then start at the A note and count down 12 notes you should get to a A note one octave higher.

Now if you look at the next string, the 5th string which is the A string, we can see that the notes are the exact same notes and order of notes that we found on the 6th string. Check for yourself! Look at the A on the 6th string and check if the 12 next notes are the same as the notes on the 5th string (A string).

Try to do the same with all the strings and you will see that they are the same notes that repeat over and over. The notes and strings just starts at different places to make it easier for players to play since we only have five fingers. The arrangements of notes and the way they are tuned is to make it as easy as possible for five-fingered creatures to make music.

With these 12 notes, you can play every song ever made! When you press your fingers down on the strings on your fretboard, you change the vibration of the string and change the length of the string that is strummed or picked.

This gives you different sounds. The higher up you press on the strings, the lower the tones get. It s not intuitive! It s a little hard to grasp at first, at least it was for me. If you fret a string higher up on the fretboard the tones you are playing get`s lower (deeper).

The closer you play to the body of the guitar or lower down the neck, the higher the notes get. Try to sing like Beyonce and the tones are higher or feminine thus you move down the neck. Try to sing like James Hetfield of Metallica and the tones get lower as you move up the neck.

So when it comes to tones up is down and down is up, if that makes sense.

How many notes are in a 22 fret guitar?

There are only 12 different notes you can play on the guitar no matter how many frets your guitar has. If you want to know how many frets there are total in a 22 fret guitar then you can just multiply the number of frets with the number of strings your guitar has.

If X = total playable frets

and Z = number of strings

and n = number of frets

X = Z * n

X = 6 * 22

X = 132

For example, if your guitar has 22 frets and 6 strings, then you would have 22 * 6 = 132 possible frets you can play. But there`s still just 12 notes you can play, you just play them in different octaves. Take a look at the section “How many combinations of notes are there on a guitar” further up in this article to get an explanation of why there`s only 12 (actually 11) and not 132 notes in a 22 fret guitar.

What are the 6 notes on a guitar?

The 6 notes on a guitar are referring to how the guitar is tuned. In standard tuning which most guitars are tuned in the notes are E A D G B and e. The thickest string is the E or the 6th string. Then we have the A string which is the 5th string. The 4th string is the D, 5th is G, 6th is B and finally, the thinnest string is once again the 1st string and is tuned in e which is the same note as the 6th E string only in a higher octave or lighter sounding. The 6th E string is thicker and has a lower bass sound to it.

How many octaves does a 21 fret guitar have?

A guitar with 24 frets has 4 full octaves in the fretboard. A guitar with 21 frets will have 3 full octaves or between 3 and 4 “full octaves”.

What are the 7 notes?

In music, there are specific pitches that make up standard notes. Many musicians use a standard called the chromatic scale. In the chromatic scale, there are 7 main musical notes called A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. They each represent a different frequency or pitch. For example, the “middle” A note has a frequency of 440 Hz and the “middle” B note has a frequency of 494 Hz. In total there are 12 notes with different frequencies to make different sounds. You can think of these 7 notes as the white keys on the piano and the black keys as the other 5 notes. If you wonder what the other 5 notes are they`re A#, C#, D#, F# and G# (# = sharp).