Can you learn guitar in 3 months

Can You Learn Guitar In 3 Months?

Yes, you can learn some basic guitar in 3 months but keep in mind that it takes a long time and effort to really learn to play guitar. There`s no secret trick to suddenly be able to play guitar. You can have a good musical ear, be a quick learner and be talented but you won`t come far without consistent practice.

A good place to start is to learn some easy melodies on one string. When you start out you probably don`t know how to read notes so a good tip is to learn some songs from tabs.

Can I learn guitar in 2 months?

Yes, you can learn to play some basic guitar within 2 months but you won`t be able to impress too many people at this point. Everybody needs to start somewhere and it`s like this for everyone. Nobody can start out at the top.

But the joy of learning to play a melody for the first time and master a new aspect of the guitar is extremely rewarding and will keep you moving forward!

You will have to build up muscle strength and your fingers are probably very stiff in the beginning, maybe even to stiff to play chords yet. You should focus on syncing your left and right hand so that you pick the same string you are fretting. You should build up finger strength by playing chromatic scales, that`s one note after the other on the fretboard.

The 6 strings from left to right are in standard tuning: E A D G B e. Notice that string 6 and 1 are the same note E. The thickest string E is called string number 6 and the thinnest string E is string number 1.

If you look at the picture above start with the thickest E string and you will place your pointing finger at number 1, your middle finger on 2 and ring finger at 3 and your pinky at point 4. If you can do this then move the exact same pattern to the next string which is the A string.

If your fingers are too stiff then move your first finger down on the fretboard and start at fret 5 instead and play 5-6-7-8. There`s also a tab 0 which is just to play an open string. You can read my article about tab 0 here.

Can you learn guitar in a month?

Dude! Do you want to learn how to play or not? Yes, you can learn some guitar in a month but you won`t be jamming on stage anytime soon! Focus on syncing your left and right hand when playing and try to break your fingers into the fretboard boxes and try to play some “clean” notes.

There will be blood, sweat, and anger, but keep going and you will get better very quickly. Try to play at least one hour a day and try to learn to play an easy melody you like. You should look into tabs and how to read tabs. Try to set goals you can work towards like learning to play a melody A-Z. Oh, and picture yourself playing on stage one day and send me a ticket to your show!

Can I learn to play guitar in 6 months?

Yes, if you play and practice consistently an hour a day for 6 months then you can have great progress and start to build up finger strength and control and start to really enjoy playing the guitar. If you at the same time focus on ear training and some basic music theory then you are on your way to becoming a real guitarist.

It is very rewarding to being able to jam along and play some solos to your favorite songs and artists. Keep going!

If you are just starting out then this popular guitar riff from Deep Purple’s classic song Smoke on the Water is the first song many new guitarists learn.

smoke on the water guitar tab

You’ll notice that you need to play two notes on the same fret at the same time in order to play this riff but you can start with just one string first and when you master that move on to try and play both strings at the same time.

One easy way to accomplish this is to lay your index finger across multiple strings in a partial barre chord and only strum the G and D strings. Hold the partial barre shape with your left hand and move your hand from the third fret to the fifth and sixth frets as needed.

Now start learning following chords

Once you are through with these open chords (CAGED structure chords, read about it on the internet) start with the BARRE chords.

If you want to learn the most basic chords in the key of C which you should learn as a beginner than read my article about chords here.

Learn the C major scale and how to play it on the whole fretboard if you can.

Learn the A minor scale on the whole fretboard if you manage.

Read general music theory when you are not on guitar — Intervals, which chords come in which scale, how major/minor chords are formed,

Pick up some of your favorite songs and look up the chords for them on Google. Try to play songs and watch tutorials on Youtube.

How long it will take to learn guitar?

You should try to practice guitar for 1 hour a day. If you play more than 1 hour this is no problem but try to play a minimum of 30 minutes a day. It is very hard to stay disciplined over time and play 1 hour a day for a long time. I dare you to try it.

Life can get in the way of practicing and your motivation will vary over time. Somedays you want to quit and other days you can`t wait to get home to pick up your guitar. Some days you might struggle to play 1 hour and others you can play for many hours straight.

Don`t overdo it because this can lead to injury (if you want to learn how to play fast) and you can get sick of playing. If there`s a part you are trying to learn but your skill level is not developed yet because you haven`t been playing for that long, you are getting frustrated and angry, then it might be a good idea to put your guitar down and rest or play something completely different.

Also if you are starting to neglect your life, friends, and family, it might be wise to limit your daily playing. Best is to stay consistent over time, about 1 hour a day, and don`t push your limits to fast. You want to keep playing guitar for life because you love it and there`s no shame in wanting to be good, just don`t overdo it although I can almost guarantee that you will over periods of time!

What is the fastest way to learn to play the guitar?

The fastest way to learn how to play the guitar is to just pick up the guitar and pick and strum the strings. Try to fret a tune with your left hand and pick it with your right hand, either with your fingers or by using a fret. Get a guitar teacher if you can afford it but it`s possible to teach yourself how to play with asking friends or watching Youtube tutorials.

Find a song you like and really want to learn that is not to complicated. Search Google “song title + guitar tabs” and try to play it. If you do this every day for an hour you are on your way. One of the fastest ways to learn is to play a note and try to sing that note out loud. Then do the same all over the fretboard and on all different strings.

If you can do this then try to sing out the notes before you pick them and try to hear if you are close, you can even record yourself to hear if you are in pitch. This takes time to learn. If you are off pitch then pick the same note again and sing it out loud. With time you will develop a good ear.

The fastest way to learn is to just do it and don`t let uncertainty or fear stop you. We all suck when we start out, just accept it and remember that if you keep practicing you will become great if you want to and never quit. If you do quit for some periods of time, pick that guitar back up again!

Is learning to play the guitar hard?

The thing with the guitar is that there`s always new stuff to learn and playing guitar is a journey, not a sprint. Maybe you want to learn chords or how to play fast or fingerstyle guitar playing?

You need to make it sound good when playing slow first. Take it to step by step and don`t rush it. The key to learning to play guitar is to be consistent and don`t give up. If you ever do give up for periods of time, listen to some music that inspires you and then pick the guitar back up.

Try to play your favorite songs and figure them out using your ears or at the beginning with tabs. Playing guitar is a wonderful journey that can teach you a lot about yourself, music and life. That being said, it is up to you to just start.

If you make any mistakes, don`t worry we all make them and in time you can learn to slide or bend your way out of them. Music is fun and if you play what you want and keep playing, you can get as good as you want based on your discipline. Now pick up that guitar and start strumming and try to pick some random notes.

Good luck!