Basic Guitar Beginner Lessons

Hey, I`m really glad you found your way to my Guitar Basic series. I have been playing guitar for 17 years, so I know exactly how difficult it can seem to learn the basics of guitar playing.

My goal is to make this Guitar Basics series the absolute simplest way for you to learn the basics of guitar.

I hope you`ll love this series because of what you`ll learn here, and I hope you want to join the Guitar Playing community after you have gotten some good knowledge and licks under your belt with the Guitar basics. Let`s go!



Basic Equipment You’ll Need


You can play guitar with the simplest of gear, but the knowledge I want to teach is for people who want to learn how to play guitar, learn how to use an amp, a tuner, how to pick and strum and how to build up speed and accuracy when playing the guitar. If you like fingerstyle playing as well as chords then this definitely is for you.

If you don`t have a guitar yet don`t worry. On the next page there`s a dirt cheap guitar package from Amazon you can check out. If you already have a guitar that`s great! It`s time to learn the basics.


Tuning – The Most Basic Element Of Guitar


If we want to play guitar it`s crucial that the guitar is in tune or else it will sound just horrible. It seems easy enough to plug your guitar into a tuner and turn the knobs until the light on the tuner is green and the string is in tune. But what if you are playing an acoustic guitar and don`t have a tuner? To help get your guitar in tune – you can download this Guitar Tuning Cheat Sheet guide.

If you are reading this Basic Guitar Beginner Guide then you can probably not tune your guitar by ear at this point and are reliant upon a tuner or some form of device or software to help you get your guitar in tune.

Automatic tuning can be handy and are a necessity if you are going to play a gig or record your guitar playing, but it also seriously limits your creative ability to make beautiful music if you only use tools to help you out. You will learn to use your ears and in time tune your guitar by ear, this will also allow you to create and improvise when playing guitar.

Check out the video below and listen to the difference between me playing a melody and playing the melody with improvisation.





Which one do you like the best? Probably the improvisation! By using additional notes and bends we can make a melody much more interesting and unique.

The melody is “correctly” played while the improvisation uses more feel and when improvising you can get away with playing “incorrect” according to music theory as long as it sounds good. This is exactly why you must learn to improvise so you can express yourself and find your own style. When you learn to master the basics you can expand and push the boundaries of “correct” playing and truly make the music you want to play.


What’s next?

Now let`s get your guitar in tune and move on to lesson #2 where we`ll also learn how to use a pick and strumming the strings – which you need to control and sync your left and right hand. Keep reading for the next 10-15 minutes and you`ll understand the basics of how to pick and strum the guitar both on electric and acoustic guitar. I promise that using a pick and starting to play isn`t nearly as scary as you might think.

Once you`re ready to learn to play the basics and learn how to play awesome licks and learn all the techniques the pros use, please consider buying Guitar Playing Mastery Course series. It`s a series of 22 video tutorials with step by step lessons that teaches you the things that normally takes people two years to learn. It`s priced at a REALLY reasonable price so you can get a good solid start playing the guitar.